Original War

Original War 2.0

Original War a real-time strategy game by Altar Interactive
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Original War is the first and the most important war in the history of mankind! All of the missions within the game are bound together by single storyline. This is not just a fancy backdrop for the missions; it is completely integrated and influences the progress and objectives of all of the missions.

You will constantly be making decisions that influence the course of the game. You might, for example, help an enemy in one mission and receive unsolicited and unexpected help several missions later, or you can kill somebody and later meet his avenger - there are many branches to the storyline and discovering them may be one of the most exciting things about playing Original War.

And it is up to you how to decide how the story is ultimately going to end.

In this game, people are the most precious resource. Each of them has a unique personality, with his own name, face, quirks, and several skills that can be improved over the course of the game. You take your experienced men and women from mission to mission.

Every mission is different, with varied and interesting objectives. Beside the old and tired objectives "Survive", "Eliminate all hostile units in the area", or "Protect your base", you can also try the following: "Tame an Apeman", "Capture the commander of the Alliance", "Try to save your brother (but don't neglect your other duties)", "Take the Artefact North, build a time-space laboratory, and use the Artefact to determine the bearing of the Motherlode".

Original War supports both LAN and Internet multiplayer, with maximum of 8 sides and 12 players.

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